Why all these anti-regime disclosures in the middle of the Geneva talks?

„Syrian government ‚demolished thousands of homes'“

While noone should justify or play down the extensive damage inflicted on entire blocks and neighborhoods, one should wonder why the disclosure of these „war crimes“ (HRW) happens just as the Syrian government and opposition are negotiating in Geneva.
The satellite images are dated from mid 2012 to mid 2013. Did HRW and co. really need 6-18 months to „analyze“ these images or is the timing of the publication no coincidence?

Interestingly at exactly the same time there was first the publication of the Qatari financed torture photos and then (today) the expression of „concern“ by the US regarding the slow progress of Syrias chemical weapons disarmament.

Is all this meant to prepare the ground for either the declaration of new „red lines“ or an accelerated and intensified arming of the (definitely all but) „moderate“ rebels?

US continues hypocrisy and double standard regarding Syria

„The US says only 4% of Syria’s declared chemical weapons has been surrendered and expresses concern at the lack of progress.“

But at the same time the US has announced to resume the supply of weapons to Syrian rebels.
The same rebels have either laid storage facilities under siege or they control roads leading to or from such weapons´ sites.
Both are considered „succcesses“ that the usually pro-rebel western press hails as „blows against the Assad regime“.

Egypt: Islamists shoot down army helicopter with MANPAD

Islamic militants have shot down an Egyptian army helicopter with a heat seeking shoulder-fired missile:
The BBC article seems to express „grief“ about this. Probably because the Egyptian regime (and army) is considered pro-western.

Interestingly western press reports of the Syrian rebels´ successes in shooting down Syrian army Migs and helicopters and killing hundreds of personell have been accompanied enthusiasm and joy.
Note: If you are a radical sectarian Islamist fighting a pro-Iranian or pro-Russian state you are good, you are probably a „freedom fighter“ and the US congress will somehow find a way to declare you „moderate“.
If you are however fighting a pro-western state you are a terrorist and one has to be worried if you have acquired and applied deadly weapons.



Congress Secretly Approves Arms for Syria Rebels

After all the embarassing and shocking revelations about the Syrian rebels, after the broad majority of the rebels either openly declare themselves as part of Al Qaeda or strongly sympathize and ideologically identify with Al Qaeda, the US has begun resupplying the rebels with arms.
How can an honest government officially endorse peace talks but at the same time arm a warring faction that is opposed to peace talks and will certainly feel emboldened and encouraged to fight on after getting further arms?
To justify this appalling decision the US has once again resumed reinvigorating the myth of the „moderate rebels“, no matter how ridiculous and incredible such claims have become in the mean time:

„One close observer of the  opposition, who recently returned from travelling in the rebel-held areas of northern Syria, says that “you could go an awful long way talking to these jihadi groups before you met any fighters who did not thoroughly approve of 9/11 as a well-deserved blow against the US”.“


How moderate are the Syrian Rebels fighting ISIS?

The so called „Army of Mujahedeen“ is the group being most active in fighting against ISIS in Syria. Some mainstream western and arab media tried to imply that this group – as it is fighting „Al Qaeda“ (ISIS) – is (and must be) „moderate“.

Here one can read which specific rebel battalions belong to the „Army of Mujahedeen“:

„The Army of the Mujahideen was formed out of the following factions: the 19th Division of the FSA, the group known as Fastaqim Kama Umirt, meaning “Be Upright As Ordered,” the Nur al-Din al-Zanki Islamic Brigades, and al-Noor Islamic Movement…Meanwhile, the influence of the Nur al-Din al-Zanki Brigades covers areas in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo, such as Anjara, Hour, Mansoura, and Kafr Dael. These brigades are believed to be the strongest among the constituents of Army of the Mujahideen.“

It is quite interesting to know who „Nur al-Din al-Zanki“ was in order to get a clue about the ideology and mindset of the fighters of such a rebel militia:

„In 1146, Nur ad-Din massacred the entire Christian population of the city [Edessa]“

Is Monsieur Hollande really so naive?

Read the following excerpt from Al-Hayats interview with Francois Hollande to see just how ignorant or naive this president of a major western country is:

Al-Hayat:  We constantly hear that Assad remaining in power is a better option, according to some people, than radical Islamists governing Syria. Do you think this is realistic?

Hollande:  There is no political solution if Assad stays. His insistence on pursuing oppression by all means will only prolong and exacerbate the Syrian crisis. Assad is not fighting Islamists. He is using them to put pressure on the moderate opposition…“

So, basically he says that all the ISIS, Jabhat al Nusra, Islamic Front and other clearly sectarian and Salafi Jihadists fighting the Syrian regime are a myth, non-existent and only a creation of the evil EVIL Syrian government propaganda.
So, the long Salafi beards, the Al Qaeda flags, the burnings of Shia mosques, the vandalization of churches, the beheading of opponents (civilian or military), the mass executions of prisoners, car bombs, suicide bombs…in short, all the „success tools“ of the insurgency applied by the military effective islamist rebels are only a minor event of an irrelevant minority that Assad is using, while the non-visible „moderate“ majority is a victim of Assad AND the Islamists.