Who is suddenly and successfully fighting ISIS in Syria?

Out of the sudden and within few days the notorious Syrian-Iraqi Al Qaeda affiliate „ISIS“ (Islam State of Iraq and Sham) is suffering defeat after defeat on several fronts within Syria. But who is really fighting them?
We are now to believe that a hitherto hardly known group called „Army of Mujahideen“ is taking the lead in the inner-rebel „Jihad“ of (supposedly) „moderate“ rebels vs. ISIS:

It is hard to conceive that the much feared and battle-experienced ISIS militia that has been simultaneously fighting the regular Syrian Army (SAA), the pro-regime NDF militia, the Kurds from YPG and different other rebel factions in Idlib, Aleppo, Hama and Raqqa is suddenly overpowered by the spontaneously created „Army of Mujahideen“.
What is more interesting is a concerted campaign by mass media outlets to portray the new player as part as the FSA, which has been a cover name for the so called „moderate“ rebels.  So, just as the rebellion lost the last bits of its once hyped aura of romantization and it became clear that the relevant forces on the rebel side are the most radical Salafi Jihadists – Syrian or otherwise – the old „good cop bad cop“ scheme is being applied: „Folks, there ARE the good, moderate rebels and they ARE militarily relevant. Look, they are routing Al Qaeda. Failing to praise and support them is tantamount to strengthening Al Qaeda“.

To look through this new attempt of deception through smoke screen creation it is necessary to read between the lines, e.g. this article where „FSA“ rebels are quoted openly admitting that their successes on the southern Deraa battlefront are mostly owed to the Nusra front (JN), the other Al Qaeda affiliate operating on the Syrian soil:

The biggest rebel umbrella organization aside from „Al Qaeda“ (JN & ISIS) is the newly formed „Islamic Front“ (IF) with its alleged 50-60.000 fighters, so if the claim is to be made that these other rebels follow a clearly different and non-islamist/non-sectarian „moderate“ ideology then one should ask whether the IF has openly declared ISIS (and JN) as enemy.
This is unlikely as only few weeks ago the IF and ISIS/JN were conducting joint operations: ISIS/JN played the main role in the capture of the Mingh airbase, in the capture of the al-Kindi hospital and in the attack and ensuing sectarian killings in Adraa near Damascus:

There are clear indications that the entire „sensational“ story about the supposed „uprising“ of moderate Syrian rebels against the evil, mostly non-Syrian „Al Qaeda“ rebels is a masquerade to wash the insurgency clean of its worst stains, but this is probably a bluff. It seems that ISIS is not putting up any real resistance and is also not suffering high casualties. Where are for instance the much feared Chechen fighters? Is it possible that the majority of ISIS fighters are only changing the label by „defecting“ to JN or the Islamic Front?

The following blog article is very well researched and outlines the depth of the farce that is spread through western and rebel friendly media:

Predictably we will hear in the course of the next couple of weeks that the ISIS-held rebel areas are „liberated“ by „moderate“ rebels, which in turn will be once again portrayed as reform-minded, pro-western, democracy interested non-sectarian majority that is fighting an oppressive dictatorship.
My two cents.

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