Bahrains King and his „government“ are criminal

Bahrain is really ridiculous, and even more ridiculous is that you will never hear about sanctions against Bahrain or at least serious criticism coming from western countries.
To start with, Bahrain is a tiny country with 70% of the population being muslims. Of these 65-70%, the majority, are Shia.
The Shia however play almost no role in Bahrains political and military landscape:
– The country is ruled by a Sunni monarchy
– All relevant ministers and ruling politicians are Sunni
– The Shia majority is not represented in the military and the police

Now, there should be no „automatism“ that a countrys majority must also constitute the majority in the government and in all official institutions, but it is laughable and discriminatory to sideline the majority in such an obvious way as it happens in Bahrain.

Now, 50 members of the so called „Youth movement“, all of them Shia have been sentenced to up to 15 years of prison for the „crime“ of organizing protests online:

Nobody demands that Bahrain is bombed by anyone or that the Shia create a „Free Bahrain army“ that gets money and weapons from Iran and Iraq, but the allegedly human rights concerned western governments could at least threaten Bahrains King with sanctions and economic punishment.

For more about Bahrain:



Are these people „Syrias liberators“?

Honestly, does someone seriously want to claim that life in „Assads Syria“ was/is so bad that Syrians deserve to be „liberated“ and ruled by such people?


Syria: The „National Council“ and the FSA getting more and more ridiculous

FSA leader General Salim Idriss (who reportedly is such a complex laden narcist that he signs letters as „General Dr. Engineer Salim Idriss) only months ago was assuring western leaders such as Britains foreign secretary (and rebel supporter) Hague that the much requested sophisticated anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons would only go to the (non-existing) „moderate“ rebels. He could allegedly guarantee this „100%“

Few months later it seems that even the few remaining „moderates“ of the FSA are turning their back on the Syrian National Council (SNC) and joining the islamist Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels, thereby expressing the desire to be ruled under Sharia law.

„Eleven Islamist rebel groups in Syria have announced they do not recognise the authority of the main opposition alliance, the National Coalition.“

„The signatories include members of the Free Syrian Army as well as more radical Islamists – among them the powerful al-Nusra Front, which has links to al-Qaeda.“

Qatar, a racist state that abuses foreign workers to death

Qatar is an extremely rich country ruled by criminal and racist idiots who claim to be religious people while in fact they have nothing in common with ethics and moral.
While virtually swimming in money, this stupid and racist nation degrades migrant workers to slaves without rights, protection and insurance:

„At least 44 workers died between 4 June and 8 August because of heart-related issues or workplace accidents “
„Nepalese men have not been paid for months, with salaries retained and passports confiscated to limit their movements“

Dubai, a place without culture, history and character

Superficial people tend to romanticize, idealize and admire Dubai, letting themselves be blended by ever taller skyscrapers, huge malls, luxury beyond belief…
Looking closer one should see that Dubai is a place without history and culture, where Germans and Japanese design the hotels, which are constructed by underpaid Pakistani and Bangladeshi (slave) workers and managed by Iranians.

Here is the sad story of a British man whose passport was confiscated without reason:

Why Irans support of Syrias regime is justified

[This was in response to a blogger, who attacked Iran for supporting Assad and squarely blamed Iran for Syrias carnage. Since, the original blog was closed, I „imported“ my entry to Radioyaran]

Iran has remained a faithful ally to a regime that despite its undeniable deficiencies and crimes is still a far better choice than “rebels” who have excelled at faking video clips right from the beginning, kidnapping, besieging, torturing and killing all kinds of “non-aligned” civilians under the farcical charge that the victims have been “Shabeeha” and as such had deserved to die.
We are speaking of “freedom fighters” who ambushed and killed TV anchormen, actors, footballers, journalists, reporters, doctors, lawyers, clerics, teachers, factory workers and unarmed policemen due to their being “supportive” of the regime or otherwise not sharing the ideology and future plans of the “revolution”.
We have an allegedly peaceful and nonviolent opposition movement that was later exposed as armed rebellion which started as early as March, 2011.
We have moderate rebels who did not hesitate to praise their radical “brothers” and in fact lamented the latters being designated as terrorists despite them engaging in repeated acts of mass executions of soldiers, alleged pro-regime militias and even Sunni clan members in favor of the government.
We have members of the moderate factions such as Farooq brigade cutting out the heart of a dead soldier or – as reported by German Spiegel in March 2012 – proudly speaking of having executed (through decapitation) mostly “Shiite” captured soldiers.
The so called revolution, completely undeserving of such a romantic and deceptive label, is more and more relying on chechen, gulf arab or North african suicide bombers and Jihadists, of which definitely noone suffered from Assads jails.

Anybody sincerely interested in stopping “Assads crimes” and bringing peace and change to Syria, should first work towards a peace conference and not torpedo it by bringing ever more unrealistic preconditions. If the syrian opposition and their mostly foreign allies are so sure that Assad is totally hated by the broad majority, they should not be afraid of Assad being a candidate in free elections under UN supervision.
But this will never happen, because Assad is still much more popular then the Ahmad Jarbaas of this world.

Attacking Syria would be an unjustified and criminal act

Attacking Syria is not an act of self-defense. Syria has not attacked the United States. Nor is Syria a danger to the US.
Syria has not attacked Israel and has not even responded to numerous Israeli bombings of its soil.
In addition the US attacking Syria would also not amount to defending „democracy“ for the syrian army is not fighting against any democratic state or entity.

What we know is that an attack with poisonous gas killed around 350 people in the early hours of August, 21st.
The much quoted „Syrian Observatory for Human Rights“ and the „Doctors without borders“ both spoke of 350 dead. There is a gap of 1100 dead to the approximately 1450 victims John Kerry mentioned.
We don´t know who committed the attack. We also don´t know which gas was used. Judging from the symptoms it is rather unlikely that a „classic“ chemical weapon such as Sarin has been used:

While the US says that an attack on Syria would only be limited and directed against military targets earlier cases of  so called „surgical strikes“ or „precision attacks“ have managed to hit civilians with alarming regularity.
The prospect of incoming Tomahawks and cruise missiles has led many Syrians to flee their houses in panic and head towards neighbouring countries.
Any decision that transforms thousands of ordinary civilians to fugitives forcing them to live in uncertainty regarding their houses, their abandoned belongings, their jobs, their childrens school…is highly irreponsible and all but a necessary „humanitarian intervention“.

So far the US government has talked a lot about solid evidence but brought forward none. After days of building up tension and expectations by announcing the upcoming presentation of clear proof against the syrian government, a 4pages PDF file supposed to be full of damning facts contained nothing but a mess of assumptions and platitudes. Kerrys „evidence“ was actually a confession of failure, the evidence of no evidence.
Based on such (non-)facts and „evidence“ no US court would convict the defendant.
One of the main points in the paper meant to „prove“ that only the syrian government could have perpetrated the crime was the claim that the rebels have no chemical weapons. Something the CIA itself implicitly refutes:

„Al-Qa’ida and associated extremist groups have a wide variety of potential agents and delivery means to choose from for chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) attacks…however, most attacks by the group—and especially by associated extremists—probably will be small scale, incorporating relatively crude delivery means and easily produced or obtained chemicals, toxins, or radiological substances…Analysis of an al-Qa’ida document recovered in Afghanistan in summer 2002 indicates the group has crude procedures for making mustard agent, sarin, and VX.“

The likelihood of an attack on Syria causing catastrophic consequences is high. Here some scenarios:
– If the syrian government or the syrian president are indeed „insane“ or „delusional“ they could fire chemical missiles at Israel once they feel desperate, humiliated and cornered
– The syrian army is fighting mostly the same people, the US uses to call Al-Qaida and subject to drone attacks elsewhere:

The Nusra front, by far the most active and effective rebel faction fighting the syrian army has been declared a terroristorganization by the state department. In addition there are other islamist Jihadi groups raising the same Al Qaida banner assisting the Nusra fighters:

The allegedly secular „Free Syrian Army“ hardly exists anymore:

– In Iran a new, more moderate president is elected who seems to be willing to adopt a more friendly policy and improve ties with the United States. Attacking Syria would make it very hard for the new Iranian government to not take position
– A further strengthening of the syrian-iraqi Al-Qaida branch „Islamic State of Iraq and Syria“ by weakening Assad would pose an increased threat to the already fragile Iraqi state. The conflict could spill pver even more to Iraq and Lebanon. After many years of relative calm there are almost weekly bombings and skirmishes leaving hundreds of dead every month. In Iraq the AQI (Al Qaeda in Iraq) who backs the syrian rebels has intensified (suicide) bombings of market places, mosques, Cafes and even funerals killing more than 1000 people, most of them Shia muslims.

The american congress should vote against an attack on Syria. The attack would only bring further suffering to the syrian people and strengthen and embolden forces our media and politicians would call terrorists if they were fighting the US or Israel.