Is Monsieur Hollande really so naive?

Read the following excerpt from Al-Hayats interview with Francois Hollande to see just how ignorant or naive this president of a major western country is:

Al-Hayat:  We constantly hear that Assad remaining in power is a better option, according to some people, than radical Islamists governing Syria. Do you think this is realistic?

Hollande:  There is no political solution if Assad stays. His insistence on pursuing oppression by all means will only prolong and exacerbate the Syrian crisis. Assad is not fighting Islamists. He is using them to put pressure on the moderate opposition…“

So, basically he says that all the ISIS, Jabhat al Nusra, Islamic Front and other clearly sectarian and Salafi Jihadists fighting the Syrian regime are a myth, non-existent and only a creation of the evil EVIL Syrian government propaganda.
So, the long Salafi beards, the Al Qaeda flags, the burnings of Shia mosques, the vandalization of churches, the beheading of opponents (civilian or military), the mass executions of prisoners, car bombs, suicide bombs…in short, all the „success tools“ of the insurgency applied by the military effective islamist rebels are only a minor event of an irrelevant minority that Assad is using, while the non-visible „moderate“ majority is a victim of Assad AND the Islamists.


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