Syria: Again it´s the opposition that blocks peace talks

According to the polemic and widespread myth, it is the „Assad regime“ that has blocked and torpedoed peace talks and negotiations all the time, but the opposite is true. Since two years the rebels and their political leadership have refused any progress by making unacceptable demands or setting ridiculous preconditions.

This shows their true agenda and that of their backers and promoters in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other gulf monarchies, as well as Turkey, Israel, France, UK and the US. Had they been even slightly interested in the well-being of Syrians and had they felt the remotest concern about the Syrian people they would not set any blocks for peace talks.

Why BBC´s sensational report about a syrian defector is trash

The above report is either fabricated from the beginning or the „source“ (a certain kurdish security officer called Lukman) has lied to Lina Sinjab.

Excerpts (and my comments):

<<Lukman was performing his military duty when the uprising began in March 2011. He was surprised that he would be allocated to a security branch given his Kurdish background.

„I didn’t understand how I can be trusted and sent to such a place where only members of [President Bashar al-Assad’s] Alawite community would operate,“ he said.>>

Does „Lukman“ know all members of the security service and their ethnic/religious background? His claim along with his surprise about being chosen despite being a Kurd makes him already incredible.

<<He recalls one day in particular, when more than 100 men were arrested in a raid on the town of Muadhamiya, west of Damascus.

…“But on that day, we stopped on the Muadhamiya bridge, just off the neighbourhood that’s inhabited by Alawites loyal to Assad.

„…One protester was taken from one car to the other and that’s when the civilians of Alawite community arrived and started beating the protester.“>>
This is a blatant attempt to squarely demonize the Alawites, specifically alawite CIVILIANS. The idea that secretive security officers „hand over“ a detainee to random (alawite) CIVILIANS to lynch him in front of the security people AND the other civilians is too obviously sensational and propagandistic.

Later Lukman is quoted saying „I never participated in any of these atrocities“
This bears the question why he did not step in to stop the lynching of the protester mentioned above…

<<„All the union people were Alawites and supporters of Assad,“ Lukman said.>>

This statement, apart from being unproven and hardly provable at all, is way too generalizing and too openly intended to portrait even civil branches of the ruling system as sectarian. There is no reason why all union members in a Sunni majority, mostly pro-government city, should be entirely Alawites.

<<The hangars [of the Mezzeh military airport] were transformed into detention centres, with more than 1,500 detainees held in each, Lukman explained.>>

Why? Does Syria have not enough place for regular jails/detention centers? What happened to the Jets and helicopters? Did they remove them from the hangars to detain people there? Does not make much sense.

„…They [the government] are worse than al-Qaeda“

Sure… „Lukman“ has definitely had experience with al-Qaeda, surviving market place suicide bombers, prisoner beheading ceremonies and heart-eating workshops and STILL he figures out that his former employer is worse…It is puzzling that and why BBC brings such an article.

<<Sunni soldiers and others like him coming from the eastern side of the country were always sent to the frontlines and hot-spots where they got killed.

„The Alawite officers were always kept in safe places so they avoid any killing or retaliation, while Sunnis were sent to be killed while trying to kill other Syrians,“ he said.>>

This is ridiculous and a strong contradiction in itself:
If the regime uses the Sunnis as cannon fodder to kill other Sunnis and/or be killed by them while keeping the Alawites in safe places, how does it keep those Sunni soldiers from defecting? This wild and irrational claim has been an all-time propaganda to denounce and defame the syrian army. An army consisting at least to 60-70% from Sunnis can neither afford to systematically discriminate and abuse them nor to motivate them to defect in large scale.


<<„I didn’t want to switch sides as I fear informants,“ he added. „There are many informants in the FSA [Free Syrian Army]. All their movements are reported and many times these informants would act under orders from the regime, committing atrocities in the name of the revolution to defame it.“>>

Now, this is really hilarious and it becomes obvious that the entire article is both meant to polemize against Alawites and excuse rebel crimes by attributing their „atrocities“ to the regime. According to this „logic“ all horrendous crimes, massacres and acts of excessive violence are either carried out by the government or by government spies disguising as rebels to defame the „revolution“.
Naive, he who believes all this.

Syrian rebel massacre in Lattakia and the „moderate“ FSAs involvement

„Rebel forces in Syria killed as many as 190 civilians and seized more than 200 hostages…Human Rights Watch says.“

Now, will „the West“ admit that its „moderate“ allies and business partners from the rich Gulf monarchies are supporting terrorism?
„HRW says Islamist rebel groups – which include foreign fighters – are financed by individuals in Kuwait and the Gulf.“

This is the highlight:

„None are affiliated to the Western-backed Supreme Military Council of the Free Syrian Army, though SMC chief Gen Salim Idris did say at the time that fighters under his command participated in the assault.“

More evidence that FSA chief and John McCains friend Salim Idris was involved:

Syria conflict: Both sides ‚committing war crimes‘

The report of the United Nations Human Rights Council cited in the below BBC article is interesting in that on the one hand it blames the syrian government for 8 massacres and the rebels for (only) one, BUT among the massacres mentioned by name the „famous“ massacres in Houla, Darayya and Aqrab are missing.

This is in so far strange as these massacres were immediately and unequivocally blamed on the government while many doubts arose and some well-known western reports (including Robert Fisk and Alex Thompson) even blamed the rebels.

„Anti-government armed groups have committed war crimes, including murder, execution without due process, torture, hostage-taking and attacking protected objects. They have besieged and indiscriminately shelled civilian neighbourhoods,“ the report adds.

So, while the report is very critical of the government it – explicitly, but also implicitly – also blames the alleged „good guys“ (the rebels) for some of the worst massacres.

Todays news from liberated Iraq: Shia schoolchildren were massacred

Again takfiri suicide bombers killed Iraqi Shia. This time school children. The „Ulama“, „Sheikhs“ and other human garbage of the Gulf monarchies (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar..) as well as their mainstream media Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabiya and other hatemongering channels are all guilty of these daily and unending crimes against humanity. For years they have been denouncing and insulting the Shia, calling them „Rafidha“, „Murtadd“ and similar defamatory names. By doing this they have made Shia blood halal for their followers, and for this sin they will be judged by Allah in whom they definitely not believe no matter how loud and how often they shout „Allahu akbar“. May God disgrace the likes of Yusuf al Qaradawi.

„Der Spiegel“ Interview with Bashar al Assad

The brazen, arrogant and disrespectful manner in which the stupid reporters of Germanys „Der Spiegel“ are conducting this interview with Assad are appalling. In contract Assads answer is a slap in their face:

„Der Spiegel: Isn’t it puzzling that we, in the West, have a completely different assessment of the situation?“

„President Assad:I n fact, your region is always late in recognizing reality and is extremely slow in understanding this reality. In the beginning, we talked about violent protests, while you talked about peaceful demonstrations. When we started talking about extremists, you were still talking about “some militants.”When we talked about al-Qaeda, you were still talking about a few terrorists, although they are actually the majority. Now you realize that it is about 50/50. Take, for instance, Secretary of State Kerry who still sticks to the past and talks about 20%. This is exactly what I meant with the reality deficit you have.“

Iraq: The ongoing carnage and its (mostly) Shia victims

Iraq is a catastrophy, which was initiated by the unjustified US attack and occupation in 2003. Ten days later up to 1000 people a month are dying, most of them Shia being massacred at the hands of Takfiris brainwashed by the sick wahhabi ideology of Saudi Arabia. The Saudis will pay for this crime.

„Nearly two years of intensified al-Qaeda mass-casualty attacks and sectarian massacres are beginning to severely test Shia patience, resulting in growing evidence of revenge attacks on Sunni mosques, preachers and civilians.“