Syria – Western democracies ignore their people´s will

Polls taken in France, UK and US show that the broad majority of these Nato countries populations are vehemently opposed to military intervening in Syria. A similarly high level of opposition is also expressed towards the idea of further arming the increasingly radicalized and sectarian syrian rebels.

The sight of often non-syrian Salafi jihadists beheading christian Pastors as well as syrian Alawites but also the video clip showing a leader of an allegedly moderate syrian rebel faction cannibalizing the body of a dead syrian soldier will hardly have changed public opinion in favor of the rebels.

So, why are the Camerons, Hagues, Hollandes,…and probably also Obamas so keen on attacking Syria?
Why don´t they care for their people´s will? Is not a democracy about representing and fulfilling the people´s will?

Syria: How western governments ignore their peoples will

Polls in the US ( and UK ( show that the broad majority of the public is against an intervention in Syria. Now it turns out that this also applies to the majority of Turks:

So, whom are the democratically elected leaders Obama, Cameron and Erdogan representing when they push for an attack on Syria?

Have they degraded themselves to be the „foreign secretaries“ of Saudi Arabia and Qatar?

Here is what the public of Syrias arab neighbours think: