Desertieren Sunniten der Regierung und Armee Assads?

Glaubt man der Mainstreamberichterstattung könnte man denken, dass Syrien nur noch von der Minderheit der Alawiten getragen wird.

Hier paar Fakten, die dagegen sprechen:
1. Mindestens folgende Minister bzw. hochrangige Funktionäre sind Sunniten:
– Walid al-Muallem, Aussenminister
– Faisal Miqdad, Vizeaussenminister
– Wael Halqi, Premierminister
– Farouk al-Sharaa, Vizepräsident
– Fahd Jassem al-Freij, Verteidigungsminister und Vizegeneralstabschef
– Ali Mamluk, Geheimdienstchef
– Mohammad Ibrahim al-Shaár, Innenminister

Hier paar Fakten zum Desertationsstand bei der syrischen Armee:
1. „the absence of mass army defections shows there are “still a sufficient number of Sunni Arabs throwing their lot in with the regime.”“
2. „“Of the officers above rank of colonel, I estimate that two thirds are not Alawites,” White says.“
3. „it is puzzling to observers that regular divisions which “are even more heavily Sunni” have not broken ranks.“
4. “A division is made up of many battalions. Why hasn’t one battalion defected and just gone over to the other side?” asks White.
5. „there are about 1,200 brigadier generals in the Syrian army, and only about 40 have defected. In contrast, there are only about 100 senior-ranking generals, all of who remain loyal.“

This is despite billions of dollars reportedly pledged by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait to encourage high-level defections, according to a Gulf-based diplomat.

Offenbar hält mindestens ein Drittel der sunnitischen Bevölkerung zu Assad (was nicht bedeutet, dass die anderen zwei Drittel zwangsläufig für die Rebellen sind): „Assad has effectively prevented the full unification of the Sunnis against him. According to different reports, up to a third of the Sunni population, particularly in the large cities, still supports him. While their precise number and motivation is very difficult to determine, a Syrian rebel who recently spoke to Asia Times Online confirmed that he and his comrades were frequently fighting against other Sunnis.“

Update – 29.05.2013
“There are a lot of senior Sunni officers who are still in the Syrian army and security institutions,”
A militant in Deir al-Zour told me, “Until now, the majority of the Syrian army (around 60%) are Sunni.”