Article by the „renowned“ Reuters news agency is embarrassing

I have seldom come along such a garbage pretending to be serious news:

Just some excerpts:
1. „At a desert base, Gulf state Qatar is covertly training moderate Syrian rebels with U.S. help to fight both President Bashar al-Assad and Islamic State“
It´s puzzling that western press still is using the expression „moderate“ as though it has not been proven on several instances that no recipients of western weapons and training among Syrian rebels has ever refused to sell/hand over his weapons to IS/Al-Qaeda (Nusra Front) or even voluntarily join them.

2. „Syrian rebel sources said training in Qatar has included rebels affiliated to the “Free Syrian Army” from northern Syria.“
In case anyone has forgotten it, the FSA from northern Syria is hardly anyone else than the much celebrated „moderates“ from the Syrian Revolutionaries Front (SRF) and the Hazm movement, both of them either openly cooperated with the Nusra Front or let them take their weapons.

3. „Once cleared of links with „terrorist“ factions, they travel to Turkey and are then flown to Doha and driven to the base.“
It would be nice how this kind of „clearance“ is done. As mentioned above, those groups who were considered „vetted moderate rebels“ turned out to work with the beheaders of the Nusra front which has correctly been labelled terrorist by the US state department.

4. „Gulf states dislike the West’s emphasis on fighting Islamic State. Assad is the bigger problem, they say.“
Really? For whom? In how far is Assad a bigger problem or a threat for the Gulf states? How much money and resources did the Gulf states invest in funding, arming, training or even housing Palestinian militias fighting the Israeli occupation?

5. „“The training would last a few months, maybe two or three, and then a new group would be flown in, but no lethal weapons were supplied to them,“ one of the sources said.“
Who is to believe this nonsense? Where do then all the seemingly endless sophisticated long-range anti-tank (ATGMs) weapons come that rebels proudly show in their „success clips“ from Syria?

6. „In recent weeks, the Qataris, disappointed by lack of progress in the fight against Assad, have started to consider training members of the Islamic Front, a coalition of Islamist rebels less militant than Islamic State or the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, but stronger than the FSA.“
Now, this is the absolute lowlight in an already extremely weak piece: „Islamist rebels less militant than Islamic State or the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front“. How is militancy measured by the way? The „Islamic Front“ includes several Salafi sectarian Islamists like the „Ahrar al Sham“, „Liwa Tauheed“ and the „Jaish al Islam“ (Islamic Army). They have both cooperated with IS and the Nusra front, among others during the infamous attack on Adra where they beheaded government supporters and threw people into baking ovens:


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