Saudi Arabia wants to export its Wahhabi cancer to Kosovo

Saudi Arabias Wahhabism, a minority branch of Sunni Islam, has already infected several countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and even parts of Egypt, Lebanon, Libya and Tunisia to name some places where this violent and highly sectarian ideology is behind a wave of bombings and beheading.

While there might be minor theoretical differences Wahhabis and Salafis are the fathers of jihadism and takfirism. Both are highly self-righteous narcissistic and supremacist ideologies that easily name others including Sunni muslims „infidels“ or „apostates“ whose killing is „legitimate“.

Saudi Arabia which is awash in money, is not subject to the slightest sanctions and enjoys superb relations with western countries has freely exported its very radical brand of Islam to places that used to know moderate Islam. Western countries have kept silence in order to not offend one of their major weapons buyers and at the same time the world´s most crucial exporter of petroleum. The same applies to Kuwait and Qatar, two other strongholds and exporters of Wahhabism and fundraisers of terrorism (

Now, it seems that Saudi Arabia is extending it´s devastating grip to Kosovo, a European country with a muslim majority that so far has been well known for its tolerant islam:
There is a real threat to the society and the state in Kosovo, where a ‘tolerant’ brand of Islam, which is becoming more and more rare in our world, today prevails. This report sheds light on how Wahhabism is trying to infiltrate the Kosovar society after the war, amid suspicious Western silence that resembles the silence vis-à-vis the Wahhabi infiltration of Syria and Iraq prior to the disaster that befell the two Arab nations.

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