„Der Spiegel“ Interview with Bashar al Assad

The brazen, arrogant and disrespectful manner in which the stupid reporters of Germanys „Der Spiegel“ are conducting this interview with Assad are appalling. In contract Assads answer is a slap in their face:

„Der Spiegel: Isn’t it puzzling that we, in the West, have a completely different assessment of the situation?“

„President Assad:I n fact, your region is always late in recognizing reality and is extremely slow in understanding this reality. In the beginning, we talked about violent protests, while you talked about peaceful demonstrations. When we started talking about extremists, you were still talking about “some militants.”When we talked about al-Qaeda, you were still talking about a few terrorists, although they are actually the majority. Now you realize that it is about 50/50. Take, for instance, Secretary of State Kerry who still sticks to the past and talks about 20%. This is exactly what I meant with the reality deficit you have.“