Syria conflict: Both sides ‚committing war crimes‘

The report of the United Nations Human Rights Council cited in the below BBC article is interesting in that on the one hand it blames the syrian government for 8 massacres and the rebels for (only) one, BUT among the massacres mentioned by name the „famous“ massacres in Houla, Darayya and Aqrab are missing.

This is in so far strange as these massacres were immediately and unequivocally blamed on the government while many doubts arose and some well-known western reports (including Robert Fisk and Alex Thompson) even blamed the rebels.

„Anti-government armed groups have committed war crimes, including murder, execution without due process, torture, hostage-taking and attacking protected objects. They have besieged and indiscriminately shelled civilian neighbourhoods,“ the report adds.

So, while the report is very critical of the government it – explicitly, but also implicitly – also blames the alleged „good guys“ (the rebels) for some of the worst massacres.

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