Three-level proxy war in Syria

the NATO+GCC (mainly Saudi Arabia and Qatar) support structure for the syrian rebels has three depth levels based upon different, underlying agendas:
1. Destroy the Assad regime to weaken Iran and break the „shia-axis“ (Iran-Iraq-Syria-South Lebanon). The Main driver of this agenda is Saudi Arabia that even during Israel and Hezbollahs 33days war in 2006 criticized the lebanese resistance movement and together with Hosni Mubarak and King Abdullah of Jordan has been warning of a Shia crescent for years.
2. Destroy the Assad regime to neutralize Syria as the sole remaining nieghbour of Israel that has not officially made peace with Israel and has been a major supporter of palestinian and lebanese resistance. The destruction of Syria as regional power begun already in 2005 when Lebanons Hariri was murdered and western politicians and media immediately blamed the Syrians which finally led to the Syrian Armys departure from Lebanon. One year later Israel attacked Lebanon and with the exception of Hezbollah the regular lebanese armed forces did not defend the country. It is crystal clear that Hariris murder very well suited Israels plans and not at all brought any advantages for the Syrian. This aim of Syrias regime change is on the agenda of Israel and the US and also serves Saudi Arabia who welcomes any weakening of Hezbollah in inner-lebanese politics.
3. Destroy the Assad regime to remove one of the latest pro Russian/Chinese countries in the middle East and North Africa region. The future Syria should be transformed into a market for western economies and a source/transit country for petroleum and gas controlled by the West instead of Russia. Plus, it becomes impossible for Iran to transport gas through Syria on good terms. This agenda is promoted primarily by Qatar, but is also helpful to Saudi Arabia and the US.

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