Qatar, a racist state that abuses foreign workers to death

Qatar is an extremely rich country ruled by criminal and racist idiots who claim to be religious people while in fact they have nothing in common with ethics and moral.
While virtually swimming in money, this stupid and racist nation degrades migrant workers to slaves without rights, protection and insurance:

„At least 44 workers died between 4 June and 8 August because of heart-related issues or workplace accidents “
„Nepalese men have not been paid for months, with salaries retained and passports confiscated to limit their movements“

Dubai, a place without culture, history and character

Superficial people tend to romanticize, idealize and admire Dubai, letting themselves be blended by ever taller skyscrapers, huge malls, luxury beyond belief…
Looking closer one should see that Dubai is a place without history and culture, where Germans and Japanese design the hotels, which are constructed by underpaid Pakistani and Bangladeshi (slave) workers and managed by Iranians.

Here is the sad story of a British man whose passport was confiscated without reason: