„International community“ – The western world´s unendurable self-complacency

I have come to the conclusion that most western people – and by this I mean mainly central Europeans and white Americans – are self-righteous racists in the sense that they are supremacists. Few of them would claim this vocally but there are clear patterns in their words, actions and minds that testimony to this impression. The anglo-saxon „white man“ is quite a narcissist, implicitly (and at times) explicitly believing in his superiority. There is wide spread belief that the western value system is inherently „good“, that westerners live up to higher moral levels, etc.

I am sure the „ordinary“ western citizen does not and cannot see what nine out of ten non-westerners living in central Europe see and feel every day. If you read and watch western (main stream) media these days you must be disgusted by a blatant lack of standard and decency. There is pogrom like polemic daily reporting on Russia and Putin. In an almost unprecedented twist of facts and total ignorance of truth a putchist, neo-Nazi junta in Ukraine has been romanticized as pro-democracy activists, simply as the „good guys“, the „legitimate“ „authorities“. It is a joke, though a sad and scandalous one, and the coverage of western European and american media is both infantile and propagandistic.

Nothing has changed: The arrogant people of the western world enjoy constructing yet another black and white phantasy world, where – as usual – they represent humanity, freedom, civilization, progress and happiness while their adversaries summarize everything bad in this world.

It is utterly laughable to hear western politicians talking about „the international community“. Who the hell makes up this self-complacent artificial entity, when major parts of the global population (China, India, Russia, wide parts of Africa, Middle East, South Asia and South America) often are not included?

Ukraine: Das Krimreferendum in Nachbetrachtung

Wie viel Prozent der Krimbewohner stimmten für einen Anschluss an Russland: 95%, 85% oder 77,37%
Die meisten europäischen und amerikanischen Medien und Regierungen werden nicht müde, das Referendum als völkerrechtswidrig oder schlichtweg „fehlerhaft“ darzustellen, so als ob ein (vermeintlich) einwandfreies Referendum ein gänzlich anderes, antirussisches Resultat hervorgebracht hätte.

Zu dumm nur dass „Nach einer Umfrage der US-Stiftung Pew“ „fast 90 Prozent der Krimbewohner das Ergebnis des Referendums“ bekräftigen: