[Update] Why are Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW) fact-faking against Syria?

For the fourth time within few weeks Amnesty International and HRW used images from heavy destruction to blame the Syrian government and it´s army for bombings it had not carried out..

Each time images of devastating bombings were posted with the blame put on the Syrian army.
In the first case HRW posted the picture below along with a text condemning Syria for using „barrel bombs“:
However, it turned out that the destruction displayed was due to the US bombing of the Syrian city of Kobane:

In another instance, Amnesty International posted a picture showing destruction in Aleppo and again attributed it to bombings by the Syrian airforce:
The image has nothing to do with any barrel bombs but with a bombing carried out by the Syrian Al Qaeda affiliate and enemy of the government, the Al Nusra Front:

Then, HRWs Executive Director Ken Roth personally tweeted yet another photo supposedly showing heavy destruction in Aleppo and accusing Assad of being responsible for it, when in fact the massive destruction is from Gaza and a result of Israels bombing campaign in the summer of 2014:

Finally, Mr. Roth sent yet another tweet:

But as the „Moon of Alabama“ Blog once again excellently exposes the destruction shown above does not stem from „Assad´s barrel bombs“, but it shows „a neighborhood attacked by anti-Syrian Jihadists and defended by pro-Syrian forces in support of the government. Is Kenneth Roth insinuating that the Syrian government caused that damage by „barrel bombing“ its supporters? Or did rather the „moderate rebels“ he seemingly supports destroyed those buildings.“

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