Syria conflict: Islamic State ‚kills 30 villagers‘

„The Syrian Observatory, a UK-based group that uses a network of contacts to monitor the four-year-old conflict in the country, said on Tuesday that IS militants had killed Alawite, Ismaili and Sunni residents of Mabouja by „burning, beheading, and firing on them“.“

A few days ago „activists“ claimed that „Assad“ kills minorities to sow fear in their hearts and make them fight for the „regime“. This is disgusting and this is the opposition that western countries are so proud of. To avoid further embarassment the western media is still trying to „outsource“ the „bad guys“ within the otherwise „peaceful“ opposition. So, IS is bad and so is Al Nusra, and the Islamic Front and and and…but where the hell are those millions of moderate Syrians who hate the government and love the „Free Syrian Army“. Why do half the casualties of the rebels have (nick)names like „al-Liby“ (the Libyan), al-Tunisi (the Tunisian), etc.?

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