More than 140 pupils and teachers have been killed by the Taliban – May God destroy Wahhabism

May God destroy a sick ideology that considers lawful the intentional killing of school children:
The criminal mindset that motivates „believers“ to consider mass killing of children „halal“ has nothing „divine“ in it. This is no religion from God, it is a mental disease, an evil cancer that has to be dealt with harshly and destroyed.
This mental disease disguised as „heavenly religion“ is a result of Saudi Arabia successfully spreading it´s radical and sectarian Wahhabi ideology due to having almost unlimited financial ressources. The US has facilitated this as a matter of fact by not penalizing Saudi Arabia and – on the contrary – encouraging every military and political strategy that harms and „contains“ Iran.
To achieve this Saudi Arabia has been investing for more than 30 years in a systematic and massive build-up of Madrassahs and military camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan teaching and preaching anti-Shia and thus anti-Iranian Wahhabism. This has always been considered OK and even as a desirable result by the US and it´s allies.
The Taliban were created, maintained and armed and trained by Pakistans secret service ISI and with massive infusions of money from Saudi and other Gulf Arab individuals who share the same Wahhabi ideology. Saudi Arabias Prince Turki himself visited Afghanistan under the Taliban in the late Nineties and provided hundreds of Datsun and Toyota Pick-up trucks with heavy MGs and artillery pieces mounted on them. Without enormous help by the Saudi government and private donors from the Persian Gulf countries plus the immense support by Pakistan where major parts of the military establishment sympathize with the Taliban the latter would not have been able to battle and push back the other Mujahedeen factions (who were mainly Sunni Afghans themselves).

Also today Al Qaeda in Yemen following the same sick ideology staged another attack that led to the death of many Children:

The artcile on the top contains this statement, which brings it to the point:
„Like Boko Haram in Nigeria, the Pakistani Taliban has an aversion to classrooms. It is a function of its own illiteracy, but also its belief that such places of learning promote “vulgarity” and “Western-inspired decadence”.

We Muslims must finally find the courage to acknowledge that there are major flaws in this religion, which are unfortunately not limited to Wahhabism. The broad majority of problems related with Islam come from the „prophetic traditions“, the so called „Hadeeth“, which are supposed to be the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. Although even the supposedly authentic „Saheeh Hadeeth“ are highly disputed in their reliability and do not withstand critical investigations the broad majority of mainstream Sunni muslims and many Shias believe in them and consider them „teachings“ that are as binding as the Quran.
The islamic community is simply too lazy and fearful of committing a sin by doubting the Hadeeth and being more sceptic towards them.
One such Hadeeth (allegedly by Umar ibn al Khattab) which is often cited to „justify“ hostility towards schools and universities or any centers of non-religious learning is the following:
„As for the books you mention, here is my reply. If their content is in accordance with the book of Allah, we may do without them, for in that case the book of Allah more than suffices. If, on the other hand, they contain matter not in accordance with the book of Allah, there can be no need to preserve them. Proceed, then, and destroy them.“
Although there are indications that this Hadeeth is a forgery some Muslims cite this and other Muslims – holding Umar for an almost „infallible“ person – simply accept it.

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