BBC tries to downplay role of Al Qaeda within Syrias „Southern Front“ insurgents

Once again a major channel of western mass media is trying to reinvent and unhold the image of the „vetted“ and „moderate“ Syrian insurgent who deserves to get western support in order to topple the Syrian „regime“:

Readers should be aware of often applied deceptive schemes such as downplaying the role of the notorious „bad guys“ of Syrias Al Qaeda affiliate, the Nusra Front (Jabhat al Nusra):
„Abu Majd el-Zoubi, a spokesman for the Southern Front, acknowledged that the Nusra Front operated in the region but insisted they were only 10% of the fighting force “

The number and percentage of Al Nusra is irrelevant as the group continues to be the most effective fighting force next to ISIS. Almost in every case of insurgents besieging army bases or attacking major checkpoints it is a VBIED (vehicle-borne IED) driven by a Nusra suicide bomber that makes the difference and overwhelms the defenders.

What the above quoted spokesman conceals is that the non-Nusra insurgents are not automatically „moderates“. As it can be seen and heard on below 21+ explicit material video the „moderates“ of the SRF are walking next to beheaded corpses of army soldiers, insulting the dead as „Assads dogs“ and calling the Syrian army the derogatory and sectarian name „Nussayri army“:
Just to illustrate the degree of „non-modernation“ and outright sectarianism of these „vetted rebels“: Would someone consider a Hamas fighter „moderate“ who calls Jews „Kikes“? How about a white farmer in Americas „bible belt“ calling Afroamericans „niggers“?

In addition to the Nusra Front and the SRF, the „Southern Front“ also features the „Yarmouk Brigade“, which is not only sectarian, but also kidnapped at one point Unifil peacekeepers and openly cooperates with al Nusra:
More about definitely non-moderate groups within the „Southern Front“:

The BBC article and similar articles also ignore the role of the radically Islamist factions Ahrar al Sham and Islamic Front (which mainly builds on Ahrar al Sham and the likewise radical „Jaish al Islam“ group). The so called „Free Syrian Army“, which in the South uses the less tarnished term „Southern Front“ has seldom hesitated to join forces with the sectarian and non-moderate forces of Al Nusra, Ahrar al Sham and Islamic Front:

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