Syria – The bombings of „civilian areas“

Bombed houses, badly damaged buildings, destroyed cars in the middle of towns and cities. Western media and politicians are quick to be „shocked“ and condemn barbarian acts against „civilian areas“.

The truth is that with rebels firing from roofs and through windows of houses and apartments the formerly civilian nature of such places is not given anymore.

This video clip is a good example of rebels using heavy machine guns from the middle of a „civilian area“ and using peoples houses to find shelter and hide their armed vehicles:

The syrian airforce hit them precisely which indicates that contrary to generalizing accusation the army is not deliberately shelling and bombing civilian areas with the sick intention to massacre the own people as rebel propaganda claims.

Following article supports the assertion about the relative accuracy of the syrian armys firing:
„But as constant, punishingly accurate, mortar, tank and sniper fire attested, President Bashar al-Assad’s soldiers on the other side, often just a room or a grenade toss away, are also well drilled, courageous — and much better armed.“


Ein Gedanke zu “Syria – The bombings of „civilian areas“

  1. Well we all have seen pictures of rebels shooting from holes made in walls of houses. So then no one should wonder when that house is attacked by the army.
    I mean when it is about Assad’s troups firing at „civilian“ houses a lot of people are shocked, but the same people never had problems accepting the Israeli armies explanations why they were bombing civilian areas in the large scale. At that times I could often read in mainstream media that Hamas is hiding cowardly between civilians, and that the israeli army has no other choice than firing back.

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