The lifting of the Syrian weapons embargo

The cannibalizing of dead Syrian soldiers bodies, the proudly publicized executions of other soldiers, beheadings of pro-regime civilians (including Sunni clerics), the bombings of mosques and universities, kidnapping of UN personel in the Golan heights, the open allegiance to Al-Qaeda, the shooting at civilian airlines, the targeted killings of reporters and journalists…all this was apparently not enough to turn away the EU, led by warmongers UK and France, from promoting the removal of the ban on arming the rebels.

That the rebels are already armed through shipments coming from Libya and through hundreds of tons of airlifted weaponry coming partly from the croatian army, paid and delivered by Qatar and Saudi Arabia via Turkey and Jordan is well known and documented. It is as well a blatant fact that the US and EU states encouraged and facilitated the arming of the rebels all the time.

The EUs decision comes at a time when after a series of (minor to medium) gains by the Syrian army one could hope that the SNC would be more open for realistic negotiations with the syrian government and would abandon its fruitless policy of demanding unserious preconditions like Assads giving up of power prior to any talks. Instead the rebel side will feel more emboldened and even less inclined towards finding any peaceful agreement.

What is most appalling is that any of the above mentioned rebel crimes would suffice to call them terrorists by the western press and politicians and reject any talks with them. Instead the rebel violence is either ignored or justified, or in some cases even attributed to the syrian government upon unsubstantiated allegations by the rebels.

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