Saudi plans for „liberated“ Syria?

Word is that Saudi Arabia has promised the Nusra Front (JAN) „every help“ the latter needs to defeat Assad. This would come through Turkey and possibly also through Jordan.
At the same time the Turkey based syrian opposition was praising the „liberation“ of Idlib at the hands of a coalition centering around JAN. This same coalition has been claiming for years that the Syrian opposition to Assad is a moderate movement supposedly interested in introducing a secular and liberal democracy to Syria.
But both this opposition and it’s propagandists in western governments and mass media must be totally delusional to think for a second that the likes of Saudi Arabia are investing resources to plant the seed of democracy into Syrias soil. Saudi Arabia is a country which has had some hundred people beheaded in 2014. It’s a place where women are not allowed to drive at all or travel without their husbands approval. Add to this the flogging of harmless bloggers and a total clamp down on all kind of political activity. Yet you still have people lauding the Saudi regime for its „restraint“, for being a regional stabilizer and a „valued partner“.
Saudi Arabia is none of this, but it is world’s biggest exporter of petroleum, one of the major buyers of American weapons and an enemy of Iran.

Is the Syrian Army a sectarian entity?

Definitely not:
„The Syrian army is largely made up of Sunni conscripts, while many willing Sunni volunteers in the paramilitary groups that support regular government forces fight alongside foreign Shia militias, like Hezbollah, against a plethora of rebel groups that are all exclusively Sunni Muslim of varying extremes – both local and foreign.“

“There are a lot of senior Sunni officers who are still in the Syrian army and security institutions,”
A militant in Deir al-Zour told me, “Until now, the majority of the Syrian army (around 60%) are Sunni.”